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My Empire Pro Reveals Why You Will Drop Out Of Your MLM Program

My Empire Pro Reveals Why You Will Drop Out of Your MLM Program in 6 Weeks

Do you want to know why you will drop out of your MLM program in 6 weeks? Well, you’ve come to the right place, because my mentors and I have seen it before and can break it down for you week-by-week.

“Wait,” you say, “Ramona, you don’t even know me. How do you know I’m going to drop out of my MLM program at all, much less in six weeks?!”

You’re right, I don’t know you. But I don’t need to know you personally to know that the vast majority of people who try MLM (multi-level marketing) quit very early in the game. That’s just a fact. Based on that, I can predict that you will probably fail within the first six weeks.

In fact, one of my mentors, Ola Abitogun, has broken “the disastrous path” down better than anyone else. He knows about it because he once fell into this trap.

According to Abitogun, here’s what is most likely in your immediate future:

Week 1. You will sign up for an MLM program and blow your money on their products.
In your first week, you’re going to sign up with a “business opportunity” that promises to make you rich without really explaining how that works. They’re going to make you shell out money to buy their products, then keep pumping you to buy more of their products. You’re going to go along with it because they’re going to tell you it’s the only way to qualify for their fantastic MLM program.

Week 2. You will make a list of “leads” that actually consists of your friends, family members, and acquaintances.
A well-dressed person from your MLM program is going to tell you that your friends, family members, and random people you happen to know are “good leads.” They won’t bother explaining what a targeted lead is, or why family and friends don’t count as targeted leads. They’re just going to tell you to write down the names of about 100 people you know. You’re going to listen to them because they drive a nice car and call themselves successful.

Week 3. You will invite 10 to 20 people to your house and pressure them to join your MLM program.
You will do what the well-dressed person from your MLM program said and invite people you know over for a “home meeting.” At least half of the people you invite will come up with an excuse as to why they are too busy, while others will just not show up.

Out of the people that do show up, some will be skeptical and ask you questions that you don’t know the answers to, while others will just be bored. One person will join your MLM program, unless you are lucky, and then you will get two people instead.

Week 4. One of the people you recruited will do absolutely nothing. If you recruited a second person, they will quit.
Since the one or two people you recruited into your MLM program were only folks you happen to know and not entrepreneurs, they won’t know how to run a business.

If you have two people in your “downline,” one will quit because they haven’t made money as quickly as they would have with a traditional job, and a traditional job is the only type of work they understand. One will do absolutely nothing because they either don’t understand how the MLM program works or don’t have the motivation to continue.

You will plead with your remaining “representative” to please just do what you did, but they will no longer trust you because you are the reason they blew their money on overpriced products.

Week 5. The one or two “reps” that failed in your MLM program will tell the rest of your family and friends that you’re running a scam.
Since the one or two acquaintances that you recruited wasted money with your MLM program, they will conclude that it’s a scam and try to warn everyone else about you. They will also stop answering your Facebook messages, e-mails, and phone calls.

Week 6. You will feel embarrassed and quit.
Now that your reputation is trashed and your downline is dead, you will have no motivation to keep on going. You will either drop out of MLM or switch to a different MLM program that brands itself as the new “silver bullet,” starting right back up at Week 1.

You will not have actually learned how to run a business. Without new skills, you will be no better off than you were six weeks ago.

And that is exactly why you will drop out of your MLM program in 6 weeks.
So, does that mean MLM is a scam?

Actually, no. MLM is just a marketing strategy, and like all marketing strategies, it has advantages and disadvantages. You need to educate yourself to reap the advantages and diminish the disadvantages.

The problem is that most B.S. “gurus” in this line of work don’t bother giving you the training, education, and resources you need to understand not only MLM, but more importantly, how to run a business in the first place. They know why you will drop out of your MLM program in 6 weeks, more or less, and they don’t care. They just want to make a quick buck off you and your loved ones.

Is there any way to succeed in an MLM program?
Yes, but the key is learning how to run a business in the first place. If you want to get into an MLM program with long-term potential, you need to find one that puts educating people about how to run a business first and specific MLM strategies second.

Personally, I recommend the program used by Ola Abitogun and his brother because it has worked for me. The program is called MyEmpirePro. It provides members with Internet marketing training materials that break down everything they need to know to run a business.

And remember, no matter which program you choose, educating yourself is the key to real success.

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Ramona Goeke

Aug 23

My Empire Pro and Marketing Success For Online Marketing

My Empire Pro and Marketing Success for Online Marketing Newcomers

Congratulations, you have launched your first Web site and hope to make your living by selling a product or service online, and My Empire Pro can help you through the maze that is Internet marketing. Many online businesses fail in their first year because they fail to target the right clients or build a reputation that makes their site stand out from the millions of others out there. People online have many choices when it comes to buying goods and services online, and My Empire Pro can show you how to make your site successful, even if you’ve never tried to sell anything online before.

Internet marketing can be a slippery slope. There are hundreds of different techniques that you can use to promote your site and the advice that you have found for free online probably hasn’t helped you much. You want to start making money with your online business right away instead of spending months on promotion and link building, but with My Empire Pro, you will get expert advice and real-world marketing solutions as you learn how to market your business. Even if you don’t have a lot of experience with Internet sales, you don’t need to worry about being overwhelmed—My Empire Pro Internet marketing will provide you with easy-to-follow instructions and tutorials that will show you the best ways to successfully market your product or service and get you the Internet traffic that you will need in order to succeed. There’s no empty content or a bunch of computer lingo that will take you hours to decipher—just easy-to- understand techniques to improve your understanding of effective Internet marketing. We all jokingly say Ola is a no BS guy, but the truth be told Ola is a no BS guy.

Not sure where to begin with your Internet marketing or how to use social sites to your best advantage? My Empire Pro can show you how to use Facebook, Twitter, and other social media to reach thousands of potential customers. There is a wealth of possible profit out there if you can build a reputation on these sites, but you have to have the know-how to do so. They can even show you how to create custom videos to post on these sites to show your potential customers the highlights of your Internet business. These kinds of tactics have worked for hundreds of other online business owners, and now they can work for you, too. My Empire Pro Internet marketing service will provide you with expert one-on-one advice, troubleshooting, and the know-how that you need in order to make your online business the very best it can be. So what are you waiting for click on that banner to the right of this post build an empire invest for under 100.00 to profit beyond your wildest dreams this year. Our empire pro elite group have had our lives change drastically with this program.

Come join our journey to your freedom.
Ramona Goeke
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Aug 21

Using My Empire Pro To Build Any Home Business

Why aren’t you using my empire pro to build any home business including your home business? Building a downline for your home business can be tough, super tough if you don’t have the right help, tools, and training you will fail. As with many of the multi-level marketing programs and work at home programs it’s all about how many people you have in your downline and how you can properly train those people and get them involved.
It may seem simple and it actually is but lots of people struggle and give up before they get out of the gate. They simply don’t get the training they need to make it work. That’s where our program of building an empire, not just a downline really comes in great. Since we offer some of the best training you can be sure things will go the way you were promised by whoever brought you into the home business world. Without proper marketing training like we offer, you may just end up spinning your wheels and not going anywhere. This happens to lots of work at home, budding entrepreneurs and they almost always give up. Chances are you’ve already been exposed or even joined a MLM or work at home program, but believe me there isn’t any training platform out there that compares to my empire pro. Click here to look at our website and some of the videos we offer and you’ll see why I think so much of this company. This company changed my life within a few short months. It is a quick short video training platform that has you up and running within 2 days. Take our 90 day challenge and watch your sign-ups and profits start rolling in. We also have a private facebook page where you can ask questions, get answers and propel yourself into success.

Join us in our journey to make all marketers a success.
Ramona Goeke

Aug 14

My Empire Pro-The Best Online Marketing Training Platform

Have you been looking for the best online marketing training platform? Then look no further than My Empire Pro. I personally have bought into so many online network training programs only to find the videos too long before they finally give you one tidbit you can use to further your marketing quest, put it into action and maybe see some results.

When I met Ola {one of the MLM brothers] I sat back and listened to what he was saying. He talked about sifting through all the BS and finding what was really working for branding yourself, connecting with people and reaching the goal everyone wants–financial freedom. He peaked my interest because he wasn’t doing a sales pitch, he was describing his aha moment when things finally clicked for him, and he and his brother built an empire. I since did further research and found his no BS online marketing training platform. I invested the 1.00 to get started, then before the week was over, I jumped in with both feet and screaming yabbadabbado. My aha moment had hit me upside the head with just one training video. The missing link? The gold at the end of the rainbow? Cure for ADHD? Everything was there in my back office. Weekly webinars to answer our questions. This man was a true Godsend. His personal 1-1 coaching you get within myempirepro is worth thousands. Where had this beautiful, intelligent man been when I was throwing thousands away to attend webinars in San Diego, LasVegas, and several other programs.

I can honestly say with just the first 10 videos in your back office, your home business or whatever you are promoting, will see profits within weeks. Sign-ups come easily. Did I mention the videos are short and to the point, step by step how to as if he is standing over your shoulder and doing everything for you. You learn blogging, social media marketing and the correct way to do it, twitter, facebook, how to make you tube videos go viral, landing/capture pages, the list seems to be endless. If you have been sitting on the fence about joining a marketing mentor program, my empire pro is the one. It has me smiling every month when I receive my checks. I no longer just build a downline, I am building my empire. Thank you Ola and if you want to be screaming yabbadabbado this year and finally realize your dreams of financial freedom, join us now by clicking here, or on the build an empire banner to the right of this post.

Thanks and to our journey together,
Ramona Goeke

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Aug 11

How My Empire Pro is Changing the Internet Marketing World

Have you heard how MY Empire Pro is changing the internet marketing world? I have been doing internet marketing now for 3 years. I made decent money, but never quite got that aha moment and big breakthrough until attending many webinars in Vegas, San Diego and several places until I met Ola at one of these events. You want a no BS kind of guy, well he is your man. The man actually attended college for engineering, worked for FedEx, walked away and threw himself into internet marketing making over 3 million in such a short time. He definitely got that aha moment I had missed. When he started his program MyEmpirePro, I said thank you God for listening to my prayers. I signed up immediately. Why? He doesn’t promise you the moon and deliver moondust. He simply states follow these step by step short and I mean short videos 10 in all and you will be making a 6 figure income within a year. Guess what he wasn’t lying. I have done everything he has taught me, and I am laughing again, my bank account is smiling, and I am living my dream life. I never knew it could be this good. You want to know the kicker, it didn’t take a year. The myempirepro training program is so easy to follow a 6 year old can set it up. Of course nowadays a 6 year old can do a lot on the computer so let’s say a 4 year old. All joking aside, this program is like have Ola from the MLM brothers standing over your shoulder guiding you through each step. He is in a way because he will actually return your phone calls if you hit a stumbling block. Heck his own father finally believed and jumped into the program as well.

I don’t know why you are sitting there reading this post yet, you need to click here and get into the MyEmpirePro training platform today. Take a leap of faith and invest a minimal amount into paying off your ever mounding debt within a few short months. Give your children the life and experiences you never had, and want so badly for them to have. Take the trip around the world you have always dreamed of, buy a new car, laugh, love and enjoy life. ! on ! coaching with someone who truly cares all for under 100.00.

Join our unique training and be our next success story,


Aug 10

How My Empire Pro Can Make You A 6 Figure a month Entrepreneur

Today I want to explain to you how My Empire Pro Can Make You a 6 Figure a Month Entrepreneur as it has several of us that have joined this training platform.
My Empire Pro is an exclusive one on one mentoring group, and is designed for internet marketers, network marketers, or business owners who are looking to use the internet to make money for their business. Network internet marketing consists of using various tools and techniques in order to generate leads by using the internet to promote your business.
My Empire Pro was created by two brothers who successfully grew different businesses on many platforms, and want to share with the world how they succeeded in internet marketing and creating lead generations. The My Empire Pro educational platform was put in motion to help other individuals accomplish what the brothers had achieved by using internet marketing. This training platform is guided by a tutoring session at which point business is being analyzed in terms of its stages, strife, or dilemmas. Then, this training group administers an important step-by-step instruction on how to successfully overcome the conflicts and dilemmas a business may be currently facing. My Empire Pro instruction conveys tips on creating marketing schemes which will help a business to increase more value and to establish more customers. The main courses being given will aid you in generating more traffic to a business’s website, video or virtual market and even how to effectively advertise the business through social media.
Using the internet as a marketing tool in order to advance your business is beneficial for any business owner, whether it be for a small company which you run out of your home or a large company that needs to generate more leads in order to profit in today’s market. These marketing strategies are used and have been used by many network entrepreneurs all over the world from beginning business owners to more advanced companies who may have seen a decline in revenue for whatever reason.
My empire pro will help even the less experienced of business owners in lead generation for the company’s website. Marketing is the backbone for most companies in order to promote their services and/or products. In today’s economy, consumers will more than likely flock to businesses with an attractive marketing plan versus a company without one.
So, if you are a business owner, whether big or small, then myEmpirePro may be a training platform that will change how your business profits and generates more customers by following the simple step by step instruction given. The one-time fee will eventually pay for itself if you properly use the guided instruction on how to get your business booming. See that Banner to the right of this post, click on it now and join our journey of financial freedom and independence.

Thank You
Ramona Goeke
Let’s join forces and ignore the lies gurus are telling you and show them how it is done.

Aug 04

Welcome to My Empire Pro Elite

Here is a video showing all the benefits and features available to My Empire Pro members, including a Sneak Peak at the back office. NEVER BEFORE SEEN!

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